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Tall White Privilege

I wrote today, on Facebook, about white privilege.
quite eruditely I thought – I’m white, so why would I think any other way?
I was taunting someone who felt picked-on because he was white.
“What do you expect you c*nt?” I thought.
We’ve enslaved, and suppressed, non-whites for centuries, and now they’re getting uppity about it.

Also today, in the car, on radio 6, they talked about c*nts like me – 6 foot 3.

Janice, 5 foot 2, said: “why do tall people always stand in front of me at festivals?”
I realised then I had not just white privilege, but tall white privilege.

Like your shade of skin, you’re never really aware of
… your height

I stoop, therefore I am.
I always have – mostly due to painful shyness inside
but sometimes, just to be able to hear my short friends.

At Victorious festival, someone stood in front of me: 6 foot 6 at least
I couldn’t see, and I thought… c*nt


John is a reliable and experienced professional, who employs sound business judgement gained from working in a number of different business and industry sectors. During his extensive IBM career, he has worked on a wide range of high profile projects, external customer engagements and more recently, the development of key IBM Systems Middleware software products. His wealth of knowledge and experience encompasses the whole development life cycle and he has a proven track record of delivery.
Since joining the company in 1976, John has worked in the fields of Manufacturing, Service, Test, Development, Authoring and Project Management. He is recognised as an expert in a wide range of technologies. John’s technical knowledge is complemented by good verbal, written communication and leadership skills, and the ability to build and sustain good working relationships with both colleagues and customers at all levels.


  • Product portfolios: IBM WebSphere, IBM Rational.
  • Messaging Technologies: WebSphere MQ, JMS and XMS. Application design.
    Event based processing: WebSphere 3 tier, WebSphere Business Events
    Business Rules: ILOG BRMS.
    Web technologies: XML, XSLT, mySQL and Content Management Systems (Joomla!).
    Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, z/OS.
    Programming languages: Java (Swing, SWT, JMS, Eclipse plugins), C/C++, Metal C, C#, JavaScript, Dojo, PERL, with some PHP and Assembler, PLX, COBOL.
    Test technologies: JUnit, GreenHat.
    Continuous Integration technologies: Jenkins, Travis-CI, RTC, Ant, Maven.
    Version Control Software: CVS, SVN, RTC, Git, CMVC
    Managing software through the whole development life cycle, including use of IBM Rational product portfolio including Team Concert, Quality Manager, Functional Tester, Performance Tester and Application Developer.
    Authoring : Technical document authoring using DITA. IBM Knowledge Center.
    Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, NNTP Newsgroups.



XMS – C/C++ Client

I was a key developer on the IBM XMS project. The IBM Message Service Client for C/C++ offers C/C++ users an Application Programming
Interface (API) that is consistent with the Java™ Message Service (JMS) API.
I also helped set up a team in Bangalore, India, to provide testing facilities for XMS and other messaging clients.

DITA Tools – Eclipse plugin



My DITA Tools Eclipse plugin provides some useful facilities for DITA authors and editors. The plugin has been developed on GitHub ( and is automatically built, using Maven, by the Continuous Integration tool Travis-CI ( DITA is a framework used for information developers. For more information, see